R. Nicoll Maine Apiary

RNicollDry1My honey forward wines. Dry and Not So Dry. These wines exhibit a calm, direct style of winemaking that lets Maine's honey speak for itself. The honey season is quite short in Maine so the bees have to really work. The positive news is that Maine has Honey_WineCropmany flowering trees and wildflowers at the edge of every field you see here. A man that I knew who had lived in Georgia and then moved to Maine told me that he had not seen in Georgia the profusion of flowers and bushes blossoming all at once that he saw here in Maine. These wines contain the essence of Maine's abundant wild blossoming nectar plants. The honey flavors are bright and clean, mellow and smooth. These are both wines I recommend for serving chilled in the summertime. And for the evening after a crisp winter day Not So Dry as a mulled wine will really take off the chill!

Honeycomb in a wine glass is my way of illustrating the honey forward style. The Not So Dry is very juicy sweet and full of Maine's premium wildflower honey. The Dry is just that; the epitome of a classy dry mead.

As a beekeeper and winemaker I've carefully crafted these meads to retain what I refer to as Maximum Bee Mojo™. This is what mead should taste like! 



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 "...we were both so pleasantly surprised. It's perfect!"  BK