Our Wines / Our Mission

Elder_WebcropHoney wine.  Distinctive, memorable wines made from honey are available from Fiddler's Reach. My mission is to restore mead's prestige as the drink of heroes and poets (as well as those who just like a good wine with dinner) by introducing wine consumers to more contemporary versions of a widely enjoyed and ancient beverage.

My wines are made using the best Maine and select regional honeys. I bottle the wines when young to capture the aromatics of honey in the bottle, so that when you open my wine you'll get a clear idea of the nature of summer and what the bees are tasting; pure nectar.  Although these wines are made from honey they are not as sweet as honey. Both Merrymeeting and Mermaid's Song are as dry as any dry wine, and Soft Southerly is just lightly sweet (not dessert wine sweet) and therefore suitable to be paired with the entree during a meal.