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on Monday, 28 October 2013. Posted in Winery Blog

Raspberries come to fruition

I planted raspberries, variety Caroline, in the spring of 2012 with the hope that they would be easy to care for, productive and tasty. Caroline is an everbearing type that can be forced to bear only in the fall by cutting down all the canes every winter/ early spring. This is the first year for this bed. The rows did not come in uniformly well- some canes are smaller than others, but for the first year they did very well.

It is now the fall of 2013. My critical evaluation is that this variety is fantastic. The berries are large and very intensely flavored. I started picking berries about 5 weeks ago and they are now winding down. The berries are gently hand picked by me, selected to be perfectly ripe. These organically grown, flavorful berries will go into my Mermaid's Song Honey Wine.

As a postscript: Wild turkeys seem to like these berries too. They are not as selective as I am about ripeness though. One day while picking I had turkeys at the opposite end of the row from where I was. It did not seem to bother them that I was there, but it bothered me so I walked toward them while waving my arms. They scooted. They won't come around while I'm there but I still see berries they've nibbled.

Here are some berry photos.RaspberryverticalRaspberryField



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