The First Winter Storm

on Sunday, 15 December 2013. Posted in Winery Blog

The Nucleus Hives in Snow

December 14-15 and we've just had a nor'easter with 12 plus inches of snow. It is not a recordbreaking snowfall, but the wind was very fierce. I was quite concerned that the nuc hives would be toppled by the wind. The nuc has a narrower base than full size hives; five frames wide (the frames are inside the box) compared to the larger 10 frame hive.

As soon as the snow tapered and I could shovel the driveway sufficiently to get the car on the road, I drove to my Edgecomb yard to see firsthand how they weathered the storm.

No visible sign of distress. The lower entrance is covered with snow but the upper is open- it is hidden from view under the outer cover that has snow sitting on top. The hives are very well protected by a line of evergreens sited on the north. I loved seeing these hives in the snow. Here are some photos.


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