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Helping the Master Beekeeper

Last winter I enrolled in the Advanced Beekeeping class taught by Erin MacGregor-Forbes. She covered lots of topics and helped prepare me for the attitude change necessary to become a better "beekeeper". It's a misnomer to think "Keeper", though, as we are really Bee-helpers. The goal is to enable the bees to accomplish what they do so well, which is to forage nectar and pollen to make more bees and honey.

She spoke about hive "morale" an "attitude" from understanding. We can see that in how each hive manages its division of labor; some hives are very efficient at each task, raising bees and storing honey and others remain disorganised and small. There may be other concepts in play within the hive, but this entry is more about Fiddler's Reach helping Erin research an idea she has; that hives headed by northern raised queens are more successful and winter hardy in Maine than those (sissy) southern raised queens. This has big implications, especially for new beekeepers who would likely buy their first hive from a southern supplier. If northern queens can show a better hive survival rate, then that can translate to a successful first over wintering for the new beekeeper.

Check out Erin's webite Here and view Her SARE Grant Proposal Here. During the class she mentioned looking for sponsors for this Grant, but it was not until I was back at the winery that I thought it would be wonderful to be a part of this. So a phone call later  and a check mailed to Erin gave Fiddler's Reach sponsorship of hive #50 (the hive that completed her goal of 50 hives in the study. Here are some photos of Her and hive #50.


















    Me with Hive #50RobSareHive








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