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on Thursday, 14 August 2014. Posted in Winery Blog

More Raspberries and Honey

I don't often take the time to record what I do on any given day so that I can show you how Fiddler's Reach takes shape, through planning and effort. But, for whatever reason, while shoveling horse manure the other day I thought "this isn't glamorous but it's real, and important to the winery's future...maybe time for show and tell!" (The actual reason may have been that I was hot and wanted a break.)

The row used to be a variety of european elder but it never did well in this soil. After several years of hopelessly trying to nurture the import, I ripped them out this spring. I then turned the soil with a rotary plow. The next step; pile on the natural fertilizer.RowVolvo

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I am planning to spread two trailer loads today, roughly 3000lbs of wood chips and horse apples on this row and around the elderberry bushes in the adjoining row.





Next spring this row will be planted with the same variety of fall bearing Raspberries that are growing elsewhere in this field. There are other rows being worked the same way that will expand the American elder.

And earlier this summer I expanded the number of beehives that I manage. I used the process of queen cell grafting to generate new small hives. These will grow to half size before winter comes, and next spring, after carefully prepping them for the Maine winter, they will become full size, productive hives.



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