Fruits of One's (and Others) Labors

on Tuesday, 18 October 2011. Posted in Winery Blog

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After looking at the wine environment on a very small scale last time, I think it's appropriate to look at how the blueberry mead "Wild Blue" fits into a broader picture. When I decide to make a wine I try to imagine its "utility" if you will; just how will it compliment the world out there, what need am I trying to fill. What will be that match made in heaven? Wild Blue is a stellar compliment to many foods (of course!) and in particular Appleton Creamery's Blueberry Torte. The torte is a multilayered affair consisting of goat's milk cheese, cheese mixed with blueberries and something called blueberry bark (blueberries pressed into a fruit leather). Handmade and sweetened only with blueberries it is earthy, creamy and fruity. When you add Wild Blue's flavors of warm blueberry blossom honey and dry, spicy fruit you have a celestial match! 

I want to call attention to the handiwork of my honeybees as well. Both the beekeeper (me) and they have had a good year. They have taught me much about how to nurture and not obstruct them as they go about their business. But fall is here so it's time to prepare them for winter. The biggest part of which is to insure they have plenty of food for the long Maine winter. I've harvested all the honey that is extra for the bees. The "supers" are all removed from the hives. Some hives produced more than others and so I am setting out this extra frame of honey (photo below), and the others that make up a super, to even out the supplies between hives. All the hives will forage this honey equally. It forces them to pack more honey into the two brood boxes that are their core home. They will remain in these boxes through the winter, coming out on the warm days for a stretch and weather check (sound familiar?). 















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