Blueberry Mead Grant Research

on Saturday, 01 October 2011. Posted in Winery Blog

Things happening at the micro level!

Part of the business of running Fiddler's Reach Honey Wine is making sure that I have product integrity and consistancy. With that in mind I have always considered the laboratory testing/ knowledge side of this business to be as important as the winemaking side. They go hand in hand, and I feel comfortable in keeping the testing of wines in the forefront of wine related work. Part of that lab work now involves visual observation of the wine through a microscope and the possibility of photographing the wine at that level. Not only is it fascinating to see but reassuring to know that all is well at the microbiological level. I've mentioned before that I've received a grant from the Maine Technology Institute to analyze the biomass of blueberry mead regarding wild organisms, as well as optimizing wine yeast performance in mead. I think a photo or two showing the hidden workings of honey wine could be of interest. Note the measurement line in the first photo. I can measure the size of these microscopic yeasts! The color differences come from me playing with the camera settings for color and contrast while observing different samples. This is Saccaromyces cerevisiae fermenting my Blueberry Mead. The Mead is called Wild Blue and is made with wild Maine blueberries and blueberry blossom honey. And, yes the yeast is filtered out before bottling. 















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