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I believe time is speeding up

on Sunday, 06 February 2011. Posted in Winery Blog

BlueOxyI believe time is speeding up. Either that or I have been secretly deceiving myself about the number of things I can accomplish in any particular day. I will admit that on a daily basis I  fail to accomplish my list completely. Some checked, some no check. That's ok for the day, and usually there are some checks, and partial checks count for something, too. As I move forward with the winery I've become very familiar with many of the routine tasks on the daily list. Sufficiently so that my motions are pretty streamlined now and I generally avoid doing more than I need to get the various jobs done well (no moving full cases of wine  more than necessary!) check!

TempControlI'm in the midst of a Grant from the Maine Technology Institute titled "Biomass Analysis in the Blueberry Mead Process". The photos show flasks of Blueberry must being aerated (with control flasks alongside) and the temperature controller that governs the heating mat that the flasks rest on.

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