Bald Eagles and Seared Maine Scallops

on Monday, 28 March 2011. Posted in Food & Wine

Merrymeeting dry mead is great with scallops

Bald Eagles sighted and Seared Maine Scallops

Eagle_in_flight_up_highThere are many things that excite me, but I am particularly excited when I can watch spectacular birds flying. I look for raptors whenever I am a passenger in a vehicle. Trying to drive and watch is tricky but I admit to always being on the lookout. Over the weekend, I was blessed by a great sighting – 4 mature bald eagles were flying overhead. I pulled over and watched. I could see that they were trying to land in a particular tree, probably because it has a great overlook where they can fish. For more than 90 minutes, none were successful because of the high winds and even higher wind gusts. I left frozen and hopeful that they would be able to land. The picture is at great distanceScallops_and_Merrymeeting.

I had purchased large Maine scallops on my way home. I was happy to serve them for dinner.  We had friends over several evenings, so I served them two nights in a row to different people. Large scallops simply seared quickly on two sides brings out their sweetness. One night sautéed in bacon fat served with steamed broccoli and orange peppers, the other with sautéed green beans and mushrooms. Everyone loved Merrymeeting dry mead with the scallops.

It is very easy to sear large scallops in a hot pan. When your salad or the rest of your sides are nearly complete, preheat Searing_Scallopsyour pan with your choice of oil or butter. Rinse and then pat dry the scallops. If using unsalted butter or olive oil, very lightly salt them and sprinkle with white pepper. Place into the hot pan and don’t move them for 2 ½ minutes. Turn them and watch them for 3 minutes. They should have some give to them. Serve warm.


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