Honey Wine

From Bees to Bottle

Mead; wine made from honey, most frequently called simply honey wine has been enjoyed by humanity since before recorded history. In every part of the world there is a traditional name for this ancient honey beverage. Variously called Mead, Tej, Medovukha, or Sima; all involve the fermentation of honey to produce wine that can be sparkling or still, sweet or dry; mead that is infused with herbs or flowers; honey wine that is blended with fruits or berries. All of the variations of mead that can be imagined begin with honey and end with wine. Because mead is mentioned in such diverse literature as the Rig Veda of India and the Beowolf Saga of northern Europe, we could believe that honey wine has always been the preferred drink of poets, heroes and adventurers. Everywhere.Wines




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